Sponsoring VIVO: Levels and Benefits

Customize benefits to maximize VIVO sponsorship

VIVO offers three levels of corporate sponsorship:

Supporter $15,000 • Investor $25,000 • Sustainer $35,000 and over

Please contact us at vivoweb.org/contact for custom sponsorship options


We offer a customizable sponsor benefit package to provide our corporate sponsors with the benefits that mean the most to them. All sponsors start with basic benefits, and depending on your sponsorship level, you select additional benefits that serve your organization best.


  • VIVO corporate sponsor logo for your website.
  • Placement of corporate logo and link to sponsor’s website on a sponsorship page on the vivoweb.org website.
  • Sponsor’s marketing materials made available at a VIVO table or exhibit at select events.


Investor sponsors receive Supporter-level benefits and may select two items below:

  • Joint press release announcing corporate sponsorship
  • Social media coverage of VIVO-related sponsor activities, including press releases, collaborative projects, sponsored webinars, and any other activities as mutually agreed upon by the sponsor and VIVO.
  • Webinar sponsorship for a single webinar; includes sponsorship acknowledgement in webinar promotions and at the beginning of the webinar.
  • Sponsor invited to participate in annual meeting with VIVO leadership to discuss strategic directions, important project developments and future vision.
  • Placement of links and descriptive text about applications from sponsors that produce or use VIVO-compliant data on a page on the vivoweb.org website.
  • Option to organize pre- and post-VIVO event programming; includes promotion of the event through the VIVO project/attendee email lists and blog.


In addition to offering highest-level recognition anytime VIVO sponsors are mentioned in print and web-based content, Sustainer sponsors receive Investor-level benefits and may select two items below:

  • Special acknowledgment at the annual VIVO Conference in the opening remarks.
  • Annual acknowledgement and announcement email and vivoweb.org blog post highlighting products and services related to VIVO, with a logo and link.
  • Exclusive webinar sponsorship for a single webinar or sponsorship of a webinar series (3 webinars); includes sponsorship acknowledgement in webinar promotions and at the beginning and end of the webinar, thank you message sent by VIVO which can include a link/brief message from the corporate sponsors, and webinar registrant list, including emails, with an opt-out option for attendees at the time of registration.
  • Acknowledgement in DuraSpace Digest, the DuraSpace monthly newsletter, with a logo and at the bottom of the newsletter for the duration of the sponsor year.

Possible future benefits

We will provide additional corporate sponsorship opportunities as they become available, and are open to your requests. Please contact us at http://vivoweb.org/contact for more information.

Collaborative projects

VIVO offers opportunities for corporations and businesses to engage with our community through collaborative projects. In this effort VIVO serves as the catalyst in bringing user communities and funders (corporations, institutions, grantors) together to work on compelling and mutually beneficial initiatives. Collaborative projects can be featured through VIVO news and information that is distributed widely through our communications channels that include social media and public presentations. Please contact us at http://vivoweb.org/contact for more information.