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VIVO Conference

VIVO Conference 2012 Materials

Workshop Presentations

Survey of VIVO Data Ingest Methods
Alex Viggio (University of Colorado Boulder) and Sunita Koul (Washington University in St. Louis) presented a survey of VIVO data ingest methods in practice at institutions implementing VIVO . Below are links to the workshop slides.

VIVO Visualizations: Design and Usage
Chin Hua Kong and Katy Börner (Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center, SLIS, Indiana University) presented a workshop about the visualization capabilities of VIVO. Below is a link to the workshop session slides.

How To Customize Your VIVO
Jim Blake (Cornell University), David Graeme Cliff (Indiana University) and Tammy DiPrima (Stony Brook University) presented case studies of ontology!, theme, and code Extensions, and how they can be used to customize VIVO. Below is a link to the workshop session slides.

An Introduction To VIVO
Stella Mitchell and Brian Lowe (Cornell University), Liz Tomich (University of Colorado Boulder), Paul Albert (Weill Cornell Medical College), and Vincent Sposato (University of Florida) presented an overview of VIVO designed to help attendees learn how to make VIVO a success at their institution. Below are links to the workshop slides.

VIVO Data Integrity and Maintenance by Example
Chris Westling (Cornell University) and Nicholas Rejack (University of Florida) presented a workshop about the data integrity and maintenance in VIVO. Below is a link to the workshop session slides.

OpenSocial Workshop
Eric Meeks, Leslie Yuan and Anirvan Chatterjee (Clinical and Translational Science Institute, UCSF) presented a workshop about creating funtional extensions to VIVO and other Research Networking Tools with OpenSocial.

  • OpenSocial Development for VIVO

Unifying Researcher Profile & Research Resource Information
Carlo Torniai and Melissa Haendel (Oregon Health & Science University), Brian Lowe, Stella Mitchell and Jon Corson-Rikert (Cornell University), and Chris Barnes (University of Florida) presented an intermediate-level intorduction to Semantic Web technologies and Linked Open Data (LOD). Below is a link to the workshop session slides.

Building Global Science Collaboratories
Anil Srivastva (Open Health Systems Laboratory and Johns Hopkins University); Paul Courtney (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, USA); Ajai Kumar, Hemant Darbari, Swati Mehta, Vivek Koul (Center for Development of Advances Computing C- DAC, Pune, India); Rubayi Srivastava (Open Health Systems Laboratory, CA, USA); and Juliusz Pukacki (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC), Poznan, Poland) presented a workshop on creating multi-site collaborations based on team science and the science of collaboration principles. Below are links to the workshop session slides.

Thursday Invited Speakers

Thursday Scientific Session Presentations

Promoting Collaboration and Team Science Across the CTSA Consortium.
Holly Falk-Krzesinski, William Barnett

STKOS :Development and application of Knowledge Organization System for scientific & technological literature.
Zheng Liu

Open Research Network Gadgets (ORNG): The Value of Combining VIVO RDF and OpenSocial
Eric Meeks, Jim Blake, Steve Baron and Leslie Yuan (Panel)

Empty to Full in 6 months: a guide to getting VIVO soaring off the ground
Daniel Hook

Mapping existing Data Sources into VIVO.
Craig Knoblock, Pedro Szekely, Maria Muslea and Shubham Gupta

A Collaboration Recommender Based on Linked Open Data Conforming to the VIVO Ontology.
Anup Sawant, Maryam Fazel-Zarandi, Brandyn Kusenda, Hugh Devlin, David Echmann and Noshir Contractor

ShareCenter: Integrating VIVO with a Drupal-based platform that facilitates organic sharing across boundaries (Presentation)
Christopher Kelleher, Will Corbett, Erich Bremer and Melissa Haendel

Profiling Research at Griffith using VIVO
Arve Solland

From billing codes to expertise: mining, representing and sharing clinical research profiles in the Linked Open Data Cloud
Carlo Torniai, Shahim Essaid, Christopher Barnes, Stephen Williams, Janos Hajagos, Nicole Vasilevsky and Melissa Haendel

DataStaR: Extending and customizing VIVO to support research data discovery and reuse
Huda Khan, Leslie McIntosh, Mary Ochs, Jon Corson-Rikert, Gail Steinhart, Kathy Chiang, Brian Lowe, Wendy Kozlowski, Sarah Wright, Stella Mitchell, Dianne Dietrich and Brian Caruso

Northwestern Scholars: SciVal Experts with VIVO
Ruth Reingold, Daniel Calto, Mario Diwersy, Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Pamela Shaw and Michael Warden

The Other VIVO Ontology: Using Formal Logic To Configure Application Behavior
Brian Caruso, Brian Lowe, Stella Mitchell

CASRAI, euroCRIS, Lattes, and VIVO: Four Perspectives on Research Information Standards
David Baker, Jonathan Corson-Rikert, Keith Jeffery and José Salm

Friday Scientific Session Presentations

Linking Disciplines: Expanding Harvard Catalyst Profiles to Discover Connections across an Entire University
Griffin Weber and Amy Brand

Development of a Domain Specific, Controlled Vocabulary Enriched VIVO Implementation
Bryan Dennis, Gary Vandenbos, Hal Warren and Eva Winer

VIVO and the data culture of universities.
John Mark Ockerbloom, Robert H. McDonald

CTSAconnect: A Linked Open Data approach to represent clinical and research expertise, activities, and resources (
Carlo Torniai, Christopher Kelleher, Melissa Haendel, Nicole Vasilevsky, Jon Corson-Rikert, Brian Lowe, Stella Mitchell, Stephen Williams and Christopher Barnes

Star Metrics and VIVO: Common Data and Open Platforms for Transparent Science
John King, Melanie Gardner and Sharon Drumm

Building better teams: innovative approaches to the design and deployment of researcher recommendation systems (panel)
Christopher Kelleher, Griffin Weber, Melissa Haendel, Jeff Horon and Noshir Contractor

Disruptive dissemination of research outputs.
Mark Hahnel

euroCRIS and VIVO
Keith Jeffery and Jon Corson-Rikert

Mendeley - Connecting Researchers with Information via the World's Largest Open Database of Research

Leveraging libraries for semantic infrastructure projects and data management services for maximum data reuse and visibility

Semantic Enrichment of Biomedical Literature, RDF for full text PubMed Central

Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities in VIVO Development
Jim Blake, Brian Caruso, Jonathan Corson-Rikert, Brian Lowe, Manolo Bevia, John Fereira, Huda Khan, Stella Mitchell and Tim Worrall

Experiments with Machine-Assisted Curation for eagle-i
Paul Thompson and Suzanne Thompson

Poster Presentations