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There are at least three ways to participate in VIVO:

  1. Download, Adopt, and Implement:  The open source! VIVO software and ontology! is now available for download. Note that we are still early in the project, and we anticipate releasing new versions every few months.  We welcome your feedback; if you have questions about the project please contact us or reach out on the various community resources listed below.
  2. Provide Data:  You can participate by providing machine readable data for research discovery.  Bibliometric and funding data are of great interest to the research community.  Contact us regarding ways in which you can contribute.
  3. Develop Applications: Many software applications can benefit from using information that will be provided by the national network. New applications can use information from the national network to provide enhanced search, new collaboration capabilities, grouping, finding and mapping scientists and their work. If you have an application that could benefit from the national network, or have an idea for an application that would leverage the information provided by the national network, please contact us.  A collaborative development project for VIVO can be found on GitHub.

As you consider whether this technology is appropriate for your institution, you may want to refer to: